Don’t miss the Sunday code sprint! 

What’s a code sprint? 

A code sprint is when people get together to work on one particular goal. In this case, we’re working on various Drupal issues.

I’ve never done a code sprint before. I don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry! We’ll help. For FLDC, we’re concentrating on Drupal 8 issue triage. Basically, we’ll look at all the Drupal 8 issues, and make sure we understand them. Then we’ll make sure they’re still happening and they’re categorized properly. There’s lots of help.

What if I want to work on something else?

That’s cool. 

This sounds pretty boring…

Trust us, it’s a lot more fun when you get into it. You’ll get to meet new Drupal people, learn the internals of Drupal, and help out. It’s honestly pretty fun. 

What if I get hungry?

We’ll have food… probably some pizza and some more healthy options. We got you covered!

I have more questions

Email us!